Features of rehabilitation after breast enlargement

The Breasts of the women in all the time was the main Canon of beauty. With age it changes and begins to FALL. The development of medical technologies, in particular, plastic surgery has opened new opportunities to keep the beautiful breast of any age. We are talking about breast implants. Rehabilitation after mammoplasty is a lengthy process.

breast augmentation and rehabilitation

What you need to know about breast implants

Women for centuries have invented many ways to increase the breast — a wide variety of oils, decoctions of aromatic plants, medicinal baths, corsets with steel plates.

The surgery breast (mammoplasty) is a complicated operation, during which adjusts the shape of the breast, the size, the shape, the areola and the nipple.

The biggest advantage of this method is the maintenance of a beautiful shape of the breasts for the next few years, unless it is a serious stress to the body, the surgery can cause complications and worsen the state of health of a month after mammoplasty.

In order to decide it, each woman should understand:

  1. To trust your life and health can only be the surgeon's name and the corresponding license, who works in a clinic with a good reputation. Better for the confidence of the Agency that has done mammoplasty family and friends, in order to evaluate the results.
  2. All you need to know about the possible complications of mammoplasty, their prevention and removal, to speak with the doctor all the points before signing the contract.
  3. Much depends on the quality of the implants that will be inserted in the mammary glands. Ideally, they should be in the breast throughout life. The selection of implants is based on individual characteristics.
  4. Not less important than the operation itself, is the period of rehabilitation after mammoplasty. It is important to strictly follow doctor's appointments and responsible attitude to their health.

To go under the surgeon's knife a woman motivates the desire to feel confident to successfully build a loving relationship or a career. Often, she decides to do it for the good of the beloved, which does not satisfy the condition of their Breasts. Mammoplasty is also assigned for medical reasons — after the removal of the breast in pathology, oncology, because of the innate asymmetry of the Breasts if the Breasts are too large to pose a threat to the spine, with the underdevelopment of mammary glands and their strengths sagging.

Types of plastic surgery

List the main types of plastic surgery in the Breasts:

  1. The breast augmentation. During the operation, is inserted to increase the breast implant, the breast of the woman increases up to the negotiated size. Mammary glands can become classic shape.
  2. Breast lift (mastopexy). To remove the excess skin adjusts to the shape of the breast. Used in sagging (ptosis).
  3. Breast lift decrease the size, change the shape of the areola and the nipple. The more traumatic option mammoplasty, by superimposing a plurality of seams and difficult period of rehabilitation.

The operation for breast implants lasts for 1-4 hours, depending on the chosen tactics and the condition of mammary glands. Then begins the rehabilitation after surgery of the breast, which according to the specialists lasts 2-6 months.

The stages of rehabilitation after breast augmentation

Rehabilitation after breast lift includes the following steps:

  1. The most important of the first phase of rehabilitation — the first month during which a woman should observe a mode, to eliminate the stress on the shoulder girdle, not to raise the hands above the head, to wear a special compression garment with buttoned side (day and night).
  2. In the following months, gradually removed the restrictions that you can do gymnastics, running and swimming. The discomfort should pass. At the end of the second season of the rehabilitation, in the absence of complications, the woman can wear a usual bra.

The characteristics of the first phase of the rehabilitation

As a woman is in charge of the seams after mammoplasty and carries out medical advice, it depends on how well you throughout the rehabilitation period and the desired result of the operation.

Rehabilitation after the breast augmentation lasts about 6 months. Immediately after surgery, the patient is under medical supervision, in a period of 24 hours. In case of sudden complications, she will be given emergency medical care. During this period the patient suffers from pain caused by tissue edema and damage to the muscles. Assigned to painkillers and antibiotics for the prevention of the inflammation purulent of the operated areas.

After waking up from the anesthesia, it is recommended to take a position half-sitting or lying down, in a few hours you can get up and walk around the house.

On the second day the doctor evaluates the condition of the breast following mammoplasty and in a favourable situation to stay in the hospital makes no sense, sends the patient home mode. From now on, the result of the first phase of the rehabilitation period depends only on itself.

breast augmentation consequences

Home mode

In the first two days of the house observed an avoiding mode, it must not be tired, need more sleep, so that the tasks of the home should take the members of the family. On the fifth day after the operation, the woman comes to the clinic for the follow-up appointment, if necessary, it is in the seams. Then she has another week soft home treatment are:

  • to sleep lying on your stomach
  • make sudden movements with the hands
  • load on the shoulders
  • tilt your body parallel to the floor
  • raise your hands above your head
  • it is possible to elevate not more than 1 kg

After 7 days, the woman again passes inspection in clinic. 10-14 day that you can take out the points. If all goes well, you can do light housework, but without bending forward and lifting heavy objects. The best way to slowly get back to normal life — walks in the open air.

In the first week after the surgery, with the insertion of implants, can experience an increase in body temperature. This is the norm — the body is usually outside the body to inside. In order to lower the temperature, it is possible to use simple paracetamol, not to create excessive burden on the liver.

In the period of rehabilitation, it is important to eat well. The food should be light, but nutritious and varied. The recovery is quick, contribute dairy products, vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fish. To expel the toxins it is recommended to drink herbal tea, plain water without gas with ginger and lemon.

In the first month after surgery it is forbidden to have sex — this can lead to the displacement of the implants. As mentioned above, in the first period of rehabilitation is necessary to wear a compression garment day and night.


What you have to wear a compression garment? After surgery the Breasts are very vulnerable to the line of suture. If during this period they experienced the severity of the breast, can not stand and stretch, the Breasts will be soft, in this case, a thin seam, turns into a bar that does not disappear without proper treatment.

Another argument is that silicone held up the injured tissues of the breast without fixation can migrate to the nipple. Visually it will make all efforts mammoplasty to zero. When the Breasts are increased by 2 and more size, the muscles of the chest and shoulder girdle with compression faster to get used to the new exercise.

A compression garment with a certain degree of fixation is determined by a doctor. The bra is made from soft but durable spandex that will provide the necessary support and at the same time, massage the chest, to facilitate the drainage of lymph and the normal circulation of the blood. The size of the Cup should ensure a fixed position of the breast — it should not move when you bend and rotate. Straps made specially wide to carry the weight of the shoulder girdle. Belt top and bottom of the bra is recommended to choose so that it is well kept chest in the same position, but do not press the case down.

The amount that you need to wear a compression garment? All different. In the first month of rehabilitation that is used throughout the day. After the required to wear during sports activities, irrespective of the level of physical activity. The time, when a compression bra, you can replace the standard determined by the attending physician. It also makes recommendations to the bra type of model can be used in the first six months after surgery. Some modern designs of underwear can cause a stagnation of the lymph and lead to the development of malignant diseases, there are samples that do not give support. After breast mammoplasty without support you can go back to stretch and lose their beautiful shape.

breast augmentation

Care of stitches after mammoplasty

Operation for the correction of the breast is always accompanied by suture. In the period of rehabilitation, it is important to properly care to avoid complications.

In the first days after mammoplasty can be a woman's breast bandages, in some cases, the joints must be drainage to drain the excess liquid. At this point, it is recommended not to touch the sutures and to remove bandages. Generally 3-5 days after the surgery, the doctor removes the bandages himself and takes out the drain.

Until the removal of the sutures from the chest after mammoplasty, the patient must wear a compression garment. It is forbidden to wet the joints, lubricate them with any creams, gels or alcohol-based liquids. When taking a shower that the points are made sterile strips adhesive. The main condition for this period of the rehabilitation is to avoid the inflammation of the joints.

After removal of the sutures it is necessary to observe the hygiene until complete healing. Typically, this occurs within 14-20 days. Sutures heal poorly, if a woman smokes (nicotine prevents the flow of oxygen in the tissues) and is taking hormonal contraceptives. Risk of poor healing of wounds points that there are in women who are obese and the treatment of cancer. When implants are long-term healing of the joints — a sign of rejection of implants, which threatens to infectious inflammation. To accelerate the healing of scars use a vacuum closure of the wounds.

Thus, in the period of rehabilitation in the care of exploitation of seams is reduced to a regular change of underwear and keep it clean and dry.

Characteristics of the second phase of the rehabilitation

You need to be in the second phase of the rehabilitation? After 2 months after the surgery, all the hard and heavy was left behind. The woman returns to good health, the inflammation disappears, the joints becoming lighter and less noticeable. Up to a full rehabilitation period of 6 months, the woman needs to follow some rules:

  • to avoid serious physical effort which causes fatigue of the muscles
  • do not sunbathe without a bra, it is better, in General, not to expose the breast mammoplasty after exposure to direct sunlight
  • Solarium
  • to avoid the visit to the saunas and Russian baths, where the temperature reaches more than 100 °C.
  • to avoid long-term exposure of the mammary glands with water

Also in this period is the breast massage. In some cases, massage is not necessary, for example, when the implants are in the form of a tear. But if massage need, the doctor has to tell you and show you how to do it. The massage can be made approximately 15 days after the surgery.

Why the need of a massage:

  • increases the the circulation of blood
  • reduces pain
  • accelerates the healing process
  • prevents inflammation

After the end of the second season, you can drink alcohol, sleep on my stomach and sports.

During the second period of rehabilitation not to get pregnant, hormonal changes can cause negative consequences. In addition, the breast tissue and the ducts had not yet come into a proper shape.

Recovery second recovery period will be faster, unless the woman is nervous and worrying over nothing. You need to enjoy life and his new firm Breasts!